Swamp Idol


At the terrorsphere,
mutant republicans
Glow cannibal for one another at the steps of the skullcult.
Irredeemably lunar.
Wasted. Gone.
The swamp idol longs for ground.
Demonology Americana.
Ghost shards from a desolate history
Disappear and re appear.
Meanwhile, my animal eyes shift worlds.

Shadow Hybrids



A quick dispatch from the Sun Hut regarding Qanon shaman: 
Shamanism in many ways is about the production of novel forms of subjectivity and collectivity in skillful response to a habitat--- whether it be a forest or a city, a planet, a time period...who you are, how you go about in the world is an ongoing reciprocal exploration from evolving knowledge practices these lineages offer contemporary culture.
 Hybrids are an inherent feature of these kinds of maneuvers with la Vida, the self vivifying soul of the earth, Anima Mundi. So, as we all know, dosage is key in these metamorphic matters. How much of this, how little of that, is part of that transformational alchemy --should you choose to engage with what is possible for ongoing fundamental well being and its registers. 
Experiment, certainly, yet be vigilant of how you combine whatever ingredients you are fucking with. Psychedelics, politics, cosmology, psychology, spirituality, sex, science and personality are potent elements on the path as one constructs mutuality and benefit with what is given. One can blow up at the Medicine Lab. 
As in anything, quality matters. Range of both healing potency and Vista (Visionary horizon of meaning) varies as well but gives us ways to make distinctions. QAnon shaman, at the moment seems to me like a garden variety hallucinating brujo with a narrow bandwith to share with his locos y locas. Fuera Hucha. Fuera. Heee ooooh dee dee.



I would like to do a Super Ritual at Stone Mountain. I have been talking about it to friends at private salons for a couple of years.

Basically, we re territorialize and re mythologize the Magnificent Stone by bringing in collectives (Native American, Black, Latino, Whte, Asian and variations) to occupy each of the directions (South West North East) and perform a ritual (dance, song, music, and so on) blessing the space with diversity.

These are preparations for the primary Ritual which is that after the intonations in the directions we as Artists, Healers, Ceremonialists, Warriors, Storytellers then sit in a meditative space and visualize an Invisible Pyramid that will float all over Atlanta (the South East even) bringing positive mana to all who connect with it through out their day wherever and whenever they are.

We make it a media event. Local TV. Social Platforms. We remove the power of the Confederacy by re mythologizing the value of the site.

The whole city is invited.

I see it. Stone Mountain used to be the place where female Shamans used to gather to communicate. We can have a woman (women) run up to the top to begin the ritual.

We can work the ley lines that connect quartz across the planet.
There are a lot of ways we can go.

The logistics are the main thing since this group is teething with talent. A license to get up there an do it. Electricity for lights and music. Maybe more funds to make it classy and document it well for posterity.
This will take coordination but most us of are seasoned. Please contact me for ideas or contribution to the staging of this event if you are interested.

Magia Metamodernista


Shamanism as: new thought scientists engaged in Higher Coherence Living.

More like artists of the soul and less technicians of ecstasy...
these new shamanic star people.

They are Psychomagicians seeking preferred future outcomes.

They are a consciousness medicine people that intensify life through the exquisite art of distances and proximities, you know, perpetual self distinguishings.

In their series of knowledge gathering practices, in multiple habitats, the act of inaugurating an always variable rule ensues.

Through their cartography of crossings liberations and productions of subjectivity abide.
They participate in the Superlative subtle from molecular to cosmic. They are co creators born from love.

These Bright dwellers understand birthing as much as vanishing.

Look! A blue moth on a Temple bell.

Look! I am one...


Impromptu Sunday Rant 1

Spiritual solidarity
Soul idarity
precedes and supersedes
tribalisms and necessary isms
for choices made on how we regulate, allocate, organize and distribute basics of survival on the Mother ship
though these gotta change if we are to remain sane on the love planes.

Any occasion we see some one as white, black, brown, yellow, with or without multiple sexes
we have diverged from relation to objectification obsfucation perpetrating abstract ideological categories that brings partial glory but not freedom.

Every time we locate some one as privileged, ignorant, unwoke, filthy rich or poor
we have been ensnared, flared, forced to care for a mirage of separation when respect, love, consideration of the one on one is the way to salvation, liberation, consecration.

Power. Power. Power. to do. to be done by. Always an on going relation.
Select judiciously your level of emancipation.

Spiritual solidarity
Soul idarity
precedes and supersedes the metaphysics of oppression institutionalized segregation that benefit ancient lineages of predatory formation.

We are each born in the middle of histories not of our making with distinct skills and brights. We will die as other histories play out their configurations. How, who, what do you love on your way to another mysterious destination is the choice.

Remember who on earth you are.



Let us appreciate how strange and astonishing this communication platform/vehicle is.
A device extracts information from the environment, photons, sound waves, and so forth, then, converts them into its own recombinant codes which are relayed back to you through its specific architecture as a simulacrum of my self or you.
Sheer scientific sorcery.
Nevertheless, this tells us me that: We really do not know what else can "matter" do since the range of information conveyed is still an extraction from a larger Field of Powers and its horizon not absolute. Other "technologies" place us in different locations and streams whose content is Angelic/Blissful or Hellish/Absurd and of a different kind of experiential materiality outside of what the current empirical conjuring and designs provide. Also, how things change, I mean not that long ago other variants of our species would not allow themselves to be photographed for not wanting their souls to be ensnared in the image, now, multitudes are seeking capture by the Media Apparatus.
What sort of Demonology is this?
And yet, for all the attempts at Totalizing politics, Ideological Fixities, and Orthodox Economic decrees, there is an inherent realm of Elusivity permeating this Civilization for the reasons stated above.

Project: Pursue auspicious anonymities amidst delivered simulations of self.

From the Lost Journals of Tico Brujo. Date Unknown.



My media feed is a cyber heterotopia.

I see posts from accelerationists, mystics, hard core materialists, skeptics of all stripes, Trumpeestas, lefties of all gradients, artists, brujos y brujas, cats, troll farms, post humans, transhumans, shamans, alchemists, dear friends and on.

I try not to be a frog  in a deep well who only hears my own steady croaks.  I have leapt out and surveyed the field where I hear the ensemble of the multitudes of other frogs entranced by their own enclosed sound under starry nights.

There is a glorious roar to it, no doubt.  A delicious wild rain of symphonic vibrancy filled with rhythms, timbres, and refrains.

Yet, I also know, that beyond the field of wells there is a vast and mighty Sea.

When I first saw this Mysterious Ocean after i leapt out of the sonorous valley following a hum in the distance, it was too much, my head exploded into smithereens.

Now,  I am a headless amphibian that wears multi plumed hats.

Templo Lindo



Tico brujo

Beware of skull eaters who follow aberrant astral paths
reverse the invisible carnival
and call it good bones.

The face of Being...like a skeletal synthetic lightbeam is not a strand of language.

Once we hollow out through luminous veins
the living hour where flaming Carnations sing
then the wheels flash
and we get coded into stones.

So, it is true that I pour entheo elixirs with starry feet
ignite the lightways beyond the Master Sign.

They call me Ticobrujo...
the one that dipped in bioluminous time
emancipatory, like a creature that never speaks.

Smoking mIrror

A recent diddy:
Sort of neo cubist sonic take on the Aztec Oracle.


Covid Grifting

Covid 19 Grifters
run hyper active nightmares
for desolation tourists
As armchair Guevaras
overcode an abyss from their own way back when.

I ain't having it shadow rabbit.


Sars 2

A few days back I walked over to my friend Michelle's house about 10 minutes down the road from my mud hut. We talked about all kinds of matters. Somewhere, in the conversation I suggested we ought to get together with other friends and do that round of how tough we had it growing up. You know, kind of like a Monty Python sketch: " when I was your age we were so poor my father cut holes in my pants so I have something to play with." Then, the other person says: " I didn't have pants." Someone else replies: " I didn't have parents." And on. This got me thinking about the variety of Corona Virus experiences I have and am going through now. Let me introduce a distinction I created.

Coronacitis. Sars 2 is the virus. Covid 19 the disease. Coronacitis is the effect of the this zombie across all platforms and media. I say "zombie" because according to science Sars 2 does not meet the criteria of a living thing.
My sense of "agency" is at odds with the boundary drawn but that is philosophy for another time.

 In consistent ways, I remain serene and at ease with all the multiple responses and perspectives I encounter from friends and strangers managing the complexities of this 21st Century event. A whole lotta lightning in the atmosphere, for sure. First of all, Is not the humor circulating in the various media systems, the ingenious memes we see daily show up truly as sweet balms amidst deficits in leadership and vision?

I will hold back my wicked, wicked tongue on celebrity culture except to observe how ordinary some of them seem. Are they really worthy of our money and adulation? As I examine my own inner world, I tune to a kind of experiential immunology to crisis and threats developed from circumstances I cleared long ago. Sure, I grieve as well yet the intimacy that uncomplicated grief delivers feels part of a Greater Health. Before the age of ten I had: Seen my younger brother (RIP)trip, fall, and split his lips in two on the sharp end of a rocking chair. All that blood. My dad rushing to the jeep carrying Greg in his arms. I watched Greg through an operation window vomit several times as a response to the anesthesia the surgeons were given him to sow his lips back on. It left him with a scar that fucked with his psyche till the very end of his life. I was 5. This took place in Nicaragua where I lived for a bit. We moved between Costa Rica and Nicaragua often. About a year later, my father took to whipping me with a belt till I passed out inside our garage. Asshole! Yet, A few days before my dad died (20 years ago?) I asked him to apologize to me for disrespecting me in such a way. At first he defended himself claiming that the violence made me the good man that I am. I replied that on the contrary, the violence created all kinds of inner turmoil in my life. Much to his credit and change of ways he apologized with all his heart. He said he wish he had love me more. I said he love me enough. He died a few days later in his home in Managua. Allow me to continue, We moved back to Costa Rica after the brutal whipping incident. The dynamic between my parents got more volatile. My sweet mom had a demonic jealousy in her and my dad was a terrible womanizer. There are all kinds of side stories to this but I wll skip them for a particular moment that happened. One night, I saw my Dad strangling my Mom dragging her head across a wall to the bed room trying to kill her (?), I wanted to jump on him but our "maid" grabbed me and my little brother, and tore ass out of the house as I heard her scream, I remember blue lights swirling, hiding in the bushes, my dad driving up telling us to get in the car, the "maid" pleading with him to let us go, to drive away, which he did after we sat with him for a minute in the car. I was terrified. My brother and I went to live with my aunt and uncle Quito and Leyla (RIP) who became our guardians from then on. My grandfather, who was living with them died not too long after they took us in. Abuelo, Rafael, who I am named after (middle name) was a sweet man. He told me on the eve before his death (he was having cataract surgery the following morning) how much he was looking forward to finally seeing "his little angels." I rememeber running to his room excited for the new day and his operation. He had his back to me in his jammies. A glass with his dentures in them on the night stand. He was not moving. There was a weird quiet cold vibe to the room. I walked out and a few minutes later my aunt came in to my room with blood shot eye and helped me get dressed telling me I had to go away for a few days. One detail from that story is that my Mom was so beat up from the assault that she could not come to the wake. And yet, she did. She was all dressed in black with a hat that veiled her face. I was outside playing acroos the street since I was staying at a neigbors house(they did not want me inside my own place) and saw her walk in. She waived. I crossed the street to peer through a window. I could see a circle of women all dressed in black. Candles. A coffin in the middle of the room. More life went on. My mom and dad still kept at it on and off till they did not. There is more to tell here about that but that was worked out in therapy aeos ago. My brother and I lived in a pension alone with our mom after dad left the country. (My mom is in Costa Rica at the moment with Dementia). I recall a dickehead from Honduras shot a kitten at the pension's inside courtyard in front of all the tenants because it kept him up at night. I remember watching from a stairwell while the kitten writhed and screamed his last breath. Tough stuff, you know. Eventually, for all kinds of reasons my brother and I, our guardians as well, ended up in the USA. The whole learning another language assimilate to not assimilate to integrate rediscover/reinvent my "identity" is another cup of sopa. I have gone through all kinds of Intitations here in the land of the Free (freaky and I like you a lot). Telenovelas got nothin on this vato hommie mae, ameeegas y amigos. My guardian, Quito, worked in Forensic psychiatry during our stay in Louisville, Kentucky. Sure enough, a band of patients escaped and walked right into our house. I was with my friend Corbin Seavers in the kitchen when they walked in. I kept my cool, broke loose just enough to get Quito up and have him call security. Not to long after that another band of criminals broke out and came looking for Quito and other docs who had sent them to prison. I recall hiding in the yard when their car lights came up to our driveway yet pulled back. I got in the house unseen by them and slept that night with my first communion crucifix under my pillow that in my 12 year old imagination could become a weapon if needed. I knew Jesus would understand if I poked an eye out or two in self defense. Amen y gracias a la Virgencita as well. Friends, I was in Nicargua during the Sandinista Revolution. While staying in Managua with my Dad and his new family. I would go to bed listening to gun battles up on the hills. I could hear the back and forth of AK47s. Somoza's guards had checkpoints everywhere and for these poor men fighting against their own brother to pull a trigger and waste us seemed inconsequential when I looked into their eyes . Someone, I was loving at the time got brutally assaulted by those fucking guards. Gather round children. Gather Round. I am many decades into my life. There are all kinds of entry points and exit ways to what I could share about duress. LOve Love Love ,in all its forms has been there accompanying my path. All kinds of medicines. All kinds of ways bring me to Wholeness:  Meditation, avoid catastrophic thinking, cognitive distortions, projections. Most of us will survive this.

 Grieving and Celebration can co exist in one soul. Yours, Mine I do not know your pain or the level of sorrow you are experiencing right now. What can be triggered will depend on your culture, ethnic group, financial well being and more importantly on your medicine bag, cognitive tools, and innate resilience. As you adapt and shift to our current episode keep in mind that others around the planet are experiencing warfare, destitution and loss to a level that what i share here is a fairy tale. Remember our companion species.
Do not forget that your resilience, your soul depth, your deep intelligence out shines the content of your mind (games).

This is not a species extinction event even though I know some of you think that we are the virus, a scab on the skin of the earth and thus welcome a new evolutionary line to emerge besides us.
The term "interdependence" is more nuanced and complicated than some had ever imagined

Tell me, when you were growing up you were so poor that...

 Stayin sane on the love plane. I am around if you want to talk. a


The wild field.

Shamanism is a species wide practice. No one group owns or has privilege to engage with the forces of the earth and the cosmos exclusively. No one owns, death, magic, healing, illumination. We have been shamanic longer than we have been "civilized" and cross cultural pollination has been going on for ages as we continue to do so now. We are natural born for wonder and knowledge. There is an investment by certain intellectuals to be unloving towards folks who practice this path without the credentials they think are required for validation in communing with the earth and supra sensible dimensions. Hilarious. There are all kinds of "concepts" out there that move beyond what these kinds of thinkers offer. Here are a few shamanic concepts : Heterotopia, Immanence, Inter-civilizational Dialogue, hybridity, geophilosophy, rhizome. These concepts offer novel ways to situate subjectivity, ecology, politics and the cosmic. Even with the aforementioned horizons the live wild goes on. Folks who attempt to restrict what genuine shamanic practices are have an agenda that, while admirable in attempting to protect certain groups from the perpetual predation humans inflict on each other and other sentient beings, nevertheless, miss the ontology of what controlled transcendence is pointing to.


Entries from the Lord of Flowers Journal.

Transcultural entheo shamanic consciousness
is a very specific "event consciousness."
We call it
Hummingbird heavens.

Our original instructions unfold.

Flower songs. Ritual.
Sacred Medicine is carried.
 We are set of relations from the molecular to the Cosmic.
 It is a choice of relating experientially to the world:
 An open present awareness. An inner disposition.
We are made of "god stuff":  Spontaneous emergence of self ordering systems as a property of matter. Luminous. Dynamic. Animism.
Fire flower: A source transmission from one sequential moment that is timeless and spaceless. Open intelligence. Lineage.
 Jaguar love.
There is this boundless inner freedom where the quality of attention outshines its contents yet "feels" them.
This state already has a set of capacities that come on line: : tranquility. wonder. joy. awe. inspiration. majesty. stillness...Beauty, in other words.
There is "Confianza": a fundamental trust to find our own way. a remarkable wisdom knowing: Intuition. As if a dynamic energy from elsewhere is guiding us.

 Star serpents. Red frogs.

There is overflowing joy.
We are peaceful. Sovereign.
Incredibly present. Fully here. Not distracted. Beginner's mind. Non resistant. Wide open. Deeply at ease. An unimaginable sensitivity to the evolutionary needs of the moment or context abides.

The world is ever fresh. A timeless spring. 
Evolvability. Adaptability.
We are serene.  Exalted.

 At home. In love with the Universe.

The Cosmophysics of shamanism: 
Reality is in a process and dependent on who is looking at the spatio temporal context.
 A glorious shape shifting Super Being abides. 
Hybrid Novelty is inherent. The multiple in the moment is ever present. The plane of potentiality insists. Subjective openness to possibility and realization is cultural agency. 
Shamanism is subversive since it lives permanently between categories. Sensitivity to transformative ethics is ongoing new medicinal syntax. The participatory logic of rhizomes is magic. There is danger at the edge.


Becoming chameleon

Become chameleon, says the Old one ( who in reality is a pack of many). Survive through adaptation. Blend with the forest.

So your mother thinks you have been kidnapped by guards at her door, that she is 7 months pregnant, that she attacked her caretaker from her bed with a cane accusing her of sleeping her with your dad, that she thinks you will arrive by a helicopter she paid for.

 There is humor in that in some way.  You don't have to carry her sorrow anymore or carry the guy who carries that.  

And this feral cat you have been taking care of for 12 years or so that the doctor says could be a vestibular infection as you watch Ms Grey shake her head spasmodically, tumble and fall, that you bring her food, that you bring indoors to hear her at times wail at full lungs in distress.

She lived to maximize her full feline wild thanks to your pack with the Jaguar clans.

Turn into dissolution, fragmentation, scattered flows, go with the undulating black mist, allow the pulsations from the unknown to take you in/out through..

Remember when you, your younger brother and newly born sister were staying in hostels and you saw that kitten be pumped full of bullets before breakfast in the middle of the courtyard because it was meowing too loud and it annoyed one of the tenants. At 9 years old you watched from the stairwell. Go with it. Surrender again.

Trust me, says the Old one who is not one but many.

You see the resonances between your feral, your childhood kitten and your derailed mother. What kind of archetype is this? What sort of assemblage?
And , the old one (who in reality is a pack) insists:

Don't forget how Dona Rosa found out about the killing and chased the tenant through the kitchen into the dining room where another tenant stuck his foot out to trip that hijo de puta. Yes, do not forget how Rosa, that big matron, straddled his chest and put the tip of that sharp kitchen knife on his chest and told him she would kill him if he ever did anything like that again. The tenant left the next day.

Remember Nietzsche, the Old one says :one must have chaos within to give birth do a dancing star.

I am just utterly amazed at this Strange Magic that leads me from sorrow to open ended intelligence.

So, I become a chameleon striped with multiple frequencies rotating perspectives with my lizard star eyes. I stick out my tongue and seize mana from the entropy and chasms. I let go of the branch and fall into the deep earth of my soul again changing this process to word colors that carry high wave luminosity where all of this mire of things shape shifts into novel forms of love.

Good medicine typically prevails.

sometime now


Plant Medicine

We are told to lay low.  Not to draw attention to ourselves or DJ.  If there is an out pour of support for him then a deeper investigation might lead to harsher penalties from a  French judge.

The strategy is that even though, there is a documentary, a book, videos, and many, many folks who have sat with him in Ayahuasca Ceremonies through out the planet, maybe the judge will send DJ back to Peru to be with his family, if, somehow, evidence of his long history abroad of bringing the Amazonian brew can be dissimulated.
Perhaps so.

France is very anti-immigrant at the moment so the charges of importation and distribution of a controlled substance against DJ along with his host, Cyrillio, who apparently had been on the radar of French police for a bit is mired in complex sociopolitical dynamics.

Sadness, loss, disappointment, anger and hope  is what I am experiencing as I write this.

They each have separate lawyers, Cyrilio and Don Jose.  The Ayahuasca Defense Fund is involved.  I presume DJ will be presented as what he is: A traditional healer from Peru. Cyrilio and his operation will most likely get scoured for trafficking. Money needs to be raised. 10,000 Euros to begin with and no less than 40,000 euros as Jose's case moves through the court system for the next year and half or so.  Maybe, though unlikely, bond will be posted and he can stay with a French family awaiting trial instead of incarceration at Vesoul, France.

 DJ has very wealthy friends and associates who support him.  There is a good chance that the funds for his defense can be raised.  Character references, testimonies of the benefits of Ayahuasca and so on can be sent to his lawyer and so forth.   The French Court, along with with many who work the levers of justice, politics, medicine, and spirituality will benefit from being educated about the Vine of the Soul or so we hope.
In the meantime, letters of support, clothing, etc., can be sent to DJ.  A prisoner number is given.  All correspondence will be checked by the guards.
I am saddened, first of all, because DJ and I collaborated on a book and documentary together through MWP Divine Arts.  We also activated Ceremonies throughout many new places. I learned much from him as his shamanic musician, ally, and most of all friend for many years. We had a great time together.  I feel a sense of loss and concern for my brother who must be experiencing fear, loneliness, regret, and anger.

I am also, passingly, upset with him.  DJ had been declared personna non grata almost 5 years ago for violating the conditions of his tourist visa in the United States.   I had advised him not to venture out as he was planning but sure enough the rolls of cash, paintings, business cards and the acknowledgement of a friend he trusted that he was earning income while in the US were obvious violations of Immigration Law.

Those of you inside the world of Aya know how treacherous certain components of the practice can be.  From the outset Aya medicine has been deployed as a shamanic weapon against enemies in the Wilds of South America. The healing properties of the brew can be secondary to other interests. Fear, avarice, protection, and retaliation have motivated many of the indigenous people to use this amazing compound in the service of all kinds of power games.  Even though the Aya Diaspora has brought other traditions from the West such as yoga,  Buddhist brushtrokes, New age sympathies,  neuro-cognitive therapies, etc., to generate unique hybridities in the ritual use of Ayahuasca, shadow lines st permeate the Aya habitat.  Such dark features of the practice along with Ayahuasca's illegality throughout much of the planet create a culture that is riddled with players that are in it for the money,  fame, power over others, status, and the full spectrum of the human all too-human.

Shamans, curanderos, healers as we know are self shamanizing while in Ceremony.  It is not just about the participants.  The facilitators of Ayahuasca groups are involved in an experiment of psychological and spiritual transformation of their own through the songs, music, dance, prayers, cleansing and stories that occur in these circles.  DJ is no different and here is where I will allow myself to voice my upset.  Why do this, my dear amigo?  Why jeopardize your well being, the possible loss of longtime contact with your family, the distress this brings to many of us by taking such a chance in bringing medicine to France of all places and on the way to Bhutan? Do you need the money that much when you have a thriving legal spot in Pucallpa that brings you folks all year long at pricey admission fees? Is it to spread the medicine when it has already wound its way through the planet in the hands of many solid facilitators and shamans?  Who in your circle of associates is whispering to you to be so reckless with your life?  What is their agenda?  What drives you to say "Yes" to such risk taking?

Very well.  Done.  I cleared an intense aggressive edge around the bust.

We are told to lay low.  In whatever country you reside and if you are tied to DJ in some way morph into an owl, bizon, armadillo, worm.  Avoid the surveillance apparatus. There is much value in this advice even though French law and the USA where I currently reside have different legal and sociopolitical and juridical constellations. Risk for an encounter with the Law is always a concern.  In my own personal case,  I choose a different strategy. I will continue on my path which is one of affirmation of many new collectives emerging, of novel subjectivities and embodiments, of hybrid lineages and spacious intelligence.  I will continue to surround my self with folks who have left behind certain kinds of predilections and ambitions.

 We are exalted creatures of pure wisdom magic and of open ended knowledge creating benefit in all ways.  We will find ways to advance Shamanism as an evolving wisdom culture.

Certainly, there is "medicine"  to ponder besides my personal integration of the situation:  Who regulates what you put in your body, how, and why?  How can international law benignly accommodate alternate religious/socio/political/medicinal practices?  How to address the rampant mythologizing of Aya through out the globe? What are the ethical responsibilities of facilitators, guides, and participants when transgressing the laws of their respective countries?   What do "healing,"  "awakening," mean in Plant medicine practices? 

For now, I will send my friend, DJ, clothes, songs and money.   I look forward to swimming with him again in the Amazon streams.  I look ahead to practice Ceremony anywhere on the earth a free sentient being.



Xochigallo felt generous towards Rafasputin, at least that day. Amidst the clink and chatter surrounding their table at “Sun in Your Belly” café, a transmission occurred from Xochigallo to Rafasputin.  Acidhead Cannedy was there joining them at the table.  He was a witness to how it all got put in motion.

Rafasputin wanted many things, shamanic power, recognition, more money, more hair.  He wanted artistic notoriety.  He was seeking feedback as to how his spiritual work and practice was evolving.  Rafasputin respected Xochigallo and the Ritual Art Experiments conducted by him.  Performance events involving magic, theatre, dance, strange attractors and even ayahuasca Ceremonies were ancient medicine to the likes of Xochigallo, now an old mystic and provocateur.

Xochigallo was the one that suggested that Rafasputin stage a ritual performance to be streamed live with a small size audience from the Atlanta community of artists (sculptors, videographers, painters, rap wizards, a dancer, one musician), 5 women with shaved heads, 2 macaws, a mound of earth, a sheet of paper, candles.

Rafasputin was to perform a ritual to atone men for all their transgressions against women, nature, animals, each other, the mis use of technology, the general narcissism of men thinking they were the crown of creation (perhaps true) by enacting a Ceremonial bloodletting, like the Mayan priests used to do, as a way to appease their capricious deities.

And so, Rafasputin enervated by this cleansing spell of which he was the embodiment, the magical amulet itself, followed Xochigallo’s suggestion and pierced the base of his penis on stage at THAT ART GALLERY with a prismatic obsidian blade Xochigallo lent him and thus purified himself and malekind with crimson drops of blood.

The performance went viral on several media platforms.
We are now seeing the effects.


Illuminations and Deep Art. On Richard Sudden.

I adhere to the view that Art can be revelatory, transformative, and healing.  That art can possess such powers points to the way of a different kind of wisdom and practice in all manners Aesthetic.  For me, the mystery of say something like the experience of beauty is that, unlike a strict Platonic eidos, beauty is in itself is a shifting admixture of joy, serenity, awe, wonder, majesty. Beauty is of multiple design. The degree of power in an artwork  is in how the elements above are arranged according to varying degrees of intensity and inflection.

Liquid Modernity is a term used to denote art in flux. Our time. Signifiers, symbols, icons, are seen to be dislodged from their source horizon of meaning into a vacuous stream of images circulating the multiple media platforms of our age as mere surface fascination in the service of late capital interests. We are impoverished by this lack of substance and depth many would argue.

Calls are made for Artists to engage in novel productions of collective and subjective formations as a counter intelligence to market interests and the vacuity of current aesthetic production.  If there is a crisis in defining who we are or what we are about in part it is because we live in a post metaphysical age.  Each artist is an island unto themselves.  The impact of their work is limited to a few supporters who understand the private semiotic of their ouvre. We do not have a cosmological constant any more as in previous epochs.

What to do then if you are a contemporary artist sifting through hyper swarms of information, images, and divergent views on art, life, and death?  How does one become sane when Capitalism and Schizophrenia in a Deleuzian sense produce not affirmative liberation but more subjugated and emptied bodies?

One way through, I found,  is in the current exhibit of Richard Sudden titled "Illuminations" on display at the Madison Morgan Cultural Center.

The exhibit is divided into three separate Gallery rooms.  Respectively,  Gallery one: Timeline.  Gallery Two: Particle and Wave. Gallery 3: On the Nature of Things.

Unlike Physics, Art can show a particle and wave occurring simultaneously.  Using perforated cardboard and paint, the works in Gallery Two, where I started the viewing, manage to locate not only physical properties of matter but their ensuing metaphorical value. That matter, light, and energy differentiate into individuated particulars is a wondrous event, a marvel that Sudden treats with a quiet elegance that glimmers through out the space.  We are invited to experiment with grand themes such as speed and stillness, the unique and universal, the palpable and unseen, as well as the complexities of emergence as a property of nature. Hetero optics.  One can not help but appreciate how the very materials used to situate these observations are in themselves articulations of light and matter which are here a Univocity, nevertheless.

Whether you are gazing at Red Oculus 3, White Orb 2, Penelope and Telemachus,  or any of the other 11 "paintings" one can not help but be provoked into deeper intimations about processes which subsist, insist and persist as sources of our own embodied cognitions.

Before I go too far into my study of the exhibit I want to point out that much of the voltage in "Illuminations" is the  refined sensibility by which Mr. Sudden maps out his endeavor.  There is a luminous, serene, refined, and meditative quality that evokes higher contemplative registers, say of Taoist Masters, yet executed through a very modern technical sophistication.

Gallery One named "Timeline" is a study on a small scale of larger Cosmological processes.  As you enter  an already darkened room where a deceleration of light appears to occur, on a table, there  is a fossil  artifact with jagged edges at both ends dimly lit by an small overhead lamp. I took this private moment to be an observation not only about my own finitude/continuation but also about the nature of Time-Light-Matter as well:  As you move in further into the room there is an amazing installation piece revealing, as if from some Mystery School Initiation inside a hallowed cave, the Order of the Cosmos. Continuity. Discontinuity. Light. Shadow. Polarities. Intensity.  Distance. Immediacy. Gravity. Lightness.  Openness.  Closure.  Patterns.  And, unlike the rigid mathematical fixity of fractal patterns navigating the Popular Imaginarium, the regularity of what nature constructs has a more organic temperament through Mr. Sudden's lenses.  A sculptural piece on the corner of the gallery called Alabaster Brain suggests an animating intelligence to the Meso Cosmos we are embedded in.  Key to the "effect" of Gallery One's ecology is a black and white video stream embedded on the wall above the fossil artifact.  The video shows silhoutted tree branches waving slowly as clouds pass above us.  The architecture of the World has permutation and fluidity.

We move onto"On the Nature of Things"  at Gallery 3.  There are several large sized canvasses hanging from the ceiling as if they were Potent Scrolls/Palimpsests for a people yet to arrive or a people that came and went and, or, more likely, myself,  a dweller of the Deep Art Ecology the entire exhibit explores.

 Here are some titles from Gallery 3:  Cosmos, Geometry of the Egg, Graviton, Bees, The Leaf, Seed, Mudra, and there are two sculptural pieces completing this habitat: Meditation and Hive.

For now,  I will mention the piece called Mudra since it allowed me to more keenly see how the materiality of the canvass paradoxically disappears making transparent developmental forces not readily seen that interweave with human agency ( Sun, plants, cells, gravity, language,  concepts themselves, electricity, death and on).  A Mudra is a Sacred Gesture.  Like Art can be.

If thought is a form of light itself, as Sudden  implicitly demonstrates in his work, and art is material for its many adumbrations, then Liquid Modernities' unhinged proliferation of fascinating optics without a pause  can be reflected through Bio cosmic sensibilities, where without converting into existential mystics (and yet that too is allowed), art morphs into affirmative declarations of interdependence and emergence. 

Sudden's "Illumination"  is a steady study in Bio-cosmology shown to us with the masterful craftsmanship, patience and the "simplicity" of a Zen Culture Creative: Graceful. Curious. Trusting. Knowledgeable. Warm. He shows us a living Universe from which we emerge, respond, and co design with. The materials he works with evoke intimate atmospherics as well as super subtle luminosities.

The very first and last piece you see in this exhibit is called Neurons.  This complex system of self arising cells which are conduits for our experience and seen under steely microscopes mirror the Canvass piece called Cosmos. A cosmos we also explore but through massive telescopes.  Densities of Light and Shadow.
To see with "both eyes" is to see both the local and the global.  A rare attainment in this age of the Anthropocene.

Thank you, Richard.


Mercado Sagrado

(for Shana Robbins)

In Bali, The Majestic Volcano Agun, hosts at its summit, what the Balinese call the Sacred Market.  Each day at Dawn the various deities, gods and goddesses convene to agree on how and when they are going to play, mix with, influence, and alter the fate of the humans down below. Their transactions rule the day. 
As the sun rises they go forth to the island.  Proper offerings to the Transcendent are a must.

In Aztec lore there is the Tonalmatl,  a cosmic individualized design  that is a practical psycho spiritual/cognitive map to guide, edify, cultivate, proper behavior in response to one's living.

At  a Mercado Sagrado,  the art of managing the various forces both from Unseen worlds (i.e, the Archetypal Non visible, The Nagual,...) and evident worlds (beauty, wealth, wisdom, power)  guide the exchanges of art, music, and craft, to bring about the most auspicious and advantageous alignments within the divine framework of a person's life.  Right reciprocity is welcomed.


Strange optics in Visionary Art.

I write this in haste.  What follows is more of a marking to disassemble a very complex socio historical space.

Perhaps, it is best to begin formulating the question.  This first pass will no doubt be inadequate.

What if during the advent between Buddhism and psychedelics the African American wing of the political corpus had already achieved economic, social, and spiritual power?

What I want to get to is that visionary art is far from complete the way it is represented now.  The privileged white class intelligentsia dominated the narrative of how to approach altered states of consciousness.

Much of the visionary art out there purporting access to Platonic dimensions and hyper space realms is usually heavily tinged with Hindu and Buddhist mythology. We must be discerning as to their veracity and inadvertent duplicity with social forces that might not fully liberate novel subjective and collective formations. By that I mean, both Hindu and Buddhist paradigm can lead to a withdrawing of praxis in the advancement of political and economic parity.  Altered states are often a by pass away from action.

Is it worthy to examine how the works of Alex Gray and many others from similar schools trap thought, spirit, emotions into a pre ordained theological horizon?  I think there is fertile soil in such a venture sociologically, philosophically and artistically.  Where is the liberation in re instantiating of theological world views that too often replicate both the hiearchical structures  of Christianity and Capitalism?

Aesthetically, the visionary work is compelling and seductive yet their representations remain Androcentric and didactic. Compassion, love, transformation are possibles within the human experience and pursuits of mine as well. Much of visionary art points to this.  I am sympathetic. Yet, there are absent streams of expression that are problematic.

The oldest shamanic cultures are from Africa. Their spiritual force is in the immediacy of the body through dance, chanting, shaking, laughter.  The passage between "first world" and "second world" is experientially somatic vivid and true. The healing and empowering voltages received during their alternate states are not those of Shiva, Buddha, Christ, or Fractals extraordinaire. What would the "inner" panoromas look like in say, painting? Would not the intensities, flashes, and deliverance  be full of transmission as textures of color, lines, flashes and not as representational paintings of men and women dancing?  What kind of spiritual milieu would we be living in aesthetically, ethically,and philosophically if  the power of thinking and being had not being curtailed by certain Eastern forms of transformation impactful as they can be?

MesoAmerica remains replete with singular hybrid creatures and widely divergent responses to subtle cognitive realms of embodiment.  The early groundings of contemporary entheogenic metaphysics missed opportunities to generate other states of becoming or even ontological narratives that are forces for liberation and understanding.   The current representation of shamanic states also has been populated for a variety of reasons by an iconography suited to Western/Eastern tropes which I consider a disturbing development.

We need to explore further the implications of what the exclusion of other shamanic/transformational accounts mean for the story of awakening/enlightenment/shamanism/psychedelia and how alternate visionary accounts could favor more freedom of thought and action for the context we are living including the lack of female visionary artists. The power of the state to control what you think, feel, create, and consume is unprecedented throughout the globe.  Does contemporary visionary art liberate us to novel subjective formation or does it help perpetuate a passivism and restriction of what else can be constructed?

I pose this as questions that I am still developing further and propose that instead of a visual catechism we explore through color and form the diversity of climates in alternate states mapping out zones of intensity and passage for a while instead of mystified anthropocentric selfies

The void is teeming with life.

a. r.



The mindstream now must be luminously fluid, adaptable, steady, capable of morphing, assimilating, reconfiguring, and releasing. We are in a new animism where our digital devices have agency just as plants, stones, and animals have personhood for other people on the planet. Our relational condition is way more complicated in an age whose ordinates we are stammering and stuttering to encode and decode. We dwell on a new cultural edge where the power to affect and be affected is hyper realized. The talisman, the sacred fetish at the altar is discernment. How to keenly cultivate this power that differentiates and orders to optimize our sentience, cognition, and efficacy. The entire Cosmos is alive with information. Personally, the ongoing challenge and practice is how to liberate joyous affects and put them in circulation. To get to joy requires a very individualized process of coming to terms with the terrible savage beauty that surrounds us and we are part of. We are nature. Nature is multiple with its overabundance of horrific and majestic offspring that affects us and we affect. A life long art of open incantations, hard science, surrendering to love and grief, the numinous and art is a fruitful live experiment for me. I would call it ZenDada with an accent on the discipline of Dada and the humor of Zen.


Tools. Gear. Medicine Bag. Ayahuasca.

Because of the singular process that an Ayahuasca Ceremony provides, for you, specifically, my stance is one of an unyielding trust in your deep intelligence to bring you to your Deep Bright over time:
 Trust, in this authentic, direct, open source, the ground of all lineages, the many transmissions as we know them, and of more to come, to align what is best for you as you commune with ancient and novel allies.

A few words are in order, nevertheless.  Drinking Ayahuasca is a very special undertaking.

You are allowing yourself to go for a major ontological/life changing experience when you embark upon this particular shamanic practice.  Treat yourself with love and respect.  Eat sanely. Clean Foods. Move your body. Hydrate. Prepare yourself at least a couple of weeks before drinking with us.

Be at ease as you approach the ceremony as best you can.  Meditate. Stay buoyant.  Listen to what shows up in your awareness. All the content previous to and after a Ceremony is valuable information. Nectar. Runa. Possible norther stars.

 You can set intentions and attempt to guide your process, of course:
  What are you seeking through this ceremony?
 Healing? (around what/time/relationship/with whom).
 Clarity? (are you asking the right questions?).
Power? (what kind of power and in what context. Power to give? Power to receive?)
Love? (how do you want to love, what kind, whom, where, when, in order to...)
Creativity? (what do you need to express and through what mediums: language, dance, painting, music, thinking, silence...)
And of course, your intent can be to be available to whatever surfaces from the depths of your being. This latter approach is highly revered.

What i mentioned previously can help you optimize benefits from the Ceremony but no more than to suggest that you let go of any preconceptions you might have about the Aya experience.  Beginners mind.
The content of your journey will vary.  Some insights will be very direct and the results of your healing or intention can be immediate.  Other times, there can be discomfort.  Physical. Psychological. Soul aches. Grief. Terror even.  Excellent.  One of the powers of Ayahuasca and the Ceremonial setting is the release, the purge, the letting go and reintegration of places where you are hurt. Soul loss and Soul retrieval.  This is very good. You can and do decide what is your best life.

You can spend time in realms that are multidimensional, celestial, deep and true.  Images that come to you might need interpretation and reweaving into the fabric of your path as you return to your world after the journey.  Be judicious in who you trust with your precious mindstream for sharing or assistance.  Be fluid, playful, respectful and open to what is released in the Jaguar Heavens.

Sometimes, the experience is a "felt" one.  Somatic.  No visuals per say.  Yet you are altered and reconfigured  in ways not quite accessible to you at the time.  Be patient and listen to the subtle within.

All of the above can happen in the course of the 4-5 hrs we will be in Sacred Space-time.  Intensity, Depth, Variation will vary from person to person and within the Atmospherics of what shows up in our Sacred Hoop.

Or nothing might happen to you at all.

I suggest that through out the Ceremony you return  to your breath as a means to anchor your flight.  No matter what the content, whether  joyous or despairing, be mindful of your breathing.  Remember the following: No matter what happens through out your excursion you will return to a new normal after the ceremony. You will come back.

Also, the follow up after your journey is a key ingredient in your transformational success.  Practices that can maintain and advance your evolution abound and within each there are schools with respective methodologies.  Yoga? Shamanism? Therapy? Dance? A religion? Zen? Neuropsychiatry? Your own mixology of the Sacred Ancient and Novel Arts?

I can not answer this for you at this time yet remain available for further dialogues and suggestions if you want.

I have been practicing Shamanic Arts (and there are many) most of my life across many settings with amazing, fulfilling, and life affirming returns over and over again.  I have studied and learned from many traditions.  Men and Women of honor, grace, magic, and love have given me ways into my own truths and power.  Much gratitude to them all.  Always.

I hope this very brief map is of benefit to you.  You are among kindred spirits.  We have been around for ages.  Welcome.

May all you love thrive and may the upcoming Ceremony bring you wisdom bliss and wisdom beauty.

Pura Vida.



Performance Philosophy

Shamanism as I cultivate it is a new form of complexity without a set definition because We are inside its very evolution. It is not a neo paleolitic revival as a response to the encroachment of dominant technological, political, economic forces although practices can go that way. Our responses, however, are embedded within 21st century historicity and constructed within the available artistic, scientific, and affective resources that contemporary culture offers. Shamanism is the embodied exploration of interdependence. Interdependence is "dimensional" since we investigate/advance ontological, epistemological, and ethical ripostes across various platforms. Shamanism reformulates, invents, revolutionizes forms of subjectivity, collective formations and hyper riffs on Love.