World Tantra

So, we are made up of particle formations, with their own constancy, velocity and durations.
Electronic spins, winds, stars, cells, tissues, fire, organs, mountains, language, sky…..
The net of Indra is a mutant web if you will of power and transformation.
We do affect the material world (molecules, geology, neural mappings, politics) in ongoing emanations that are both local and global. We too are shifted.
Practice: What do you enter into composition with? In what ways are you now configured, disfigured, or constellated. What effect do you have in the ongoing transmutations of this expanding universe?
You are a God's Mantra.
What unions both holy and unholy are you capable of? What is your Existential Yoga?

Can you shed your Cosmic Skin by Like a Divine Serpent ?
What isYour bio Tantra? What is your Techno shamanic science?
What are your flows? Economic, optic, erotic, environmentally?
Why in the fuck are you here and doing what ?
You are about to be accelerated, decelerated in shifting incandescent streams of joy.

Pura vida !

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