For one like you

for Cathryne

You are my beloved,
You are Sensuous, Wise, Creative, Profound, Playful, Mysterious, Kind and Full of Exotic Powers.

The world is brighter with you in my life. You are that second Sun. You inspire me and bring out the best in me.

It's your words, the way you look at the world, your laughter, your smile: Your Magical Art of Living Free.

I love how you listen to the deep rhythms of your Soul and respond with authenticity and grace when the time is right.

I am so fortunate in how you love me. I am so grateful for your touch and understanding.

You belong to the World and you give Life and love to those you meet. I can only give you my heart, life, and Absolute Acceptance of who You Are, beloved.

I pray to all the Gods and Goddesses to protect you, bless you, and fill your life with all that is good and true Across the Universe.

On the day you were born Creation was in a state of Delight. All blessings to you Always. In your freedom I am free. In your love I am loved. In my freedom you are free. In my love you are loved.

You are simply awesome, beautiful and Forever liberated.

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