Spontaneous Open Mysterious Road

So there I am with my guitar.....

I strap it on like some fantastic trans dimensional instrument that will take me and my friends
to the Unknown of our bodies and the Cosmos.

My guitar, an old Ovation Acoustic Legend can get people to dance. Couples continue to make love to my music. Epiphanies occurred some have told me. Folks have gone to Deep Space through the voice of my Sounds, My guitar is where it would all seem to begin

Music.....a teaching on how the universe creates itself? Perhaps.

I was told from early on to Play music to praise the Divine. I was told this by an Old Curandera (folk healer) in Costa Rica. Make Music to Praise Creation. Music is a Devotional act She told me this one afternoon as I was learning about Medicinal Plants on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica way past Puerto Viejo. Not Long after her inspired dance her husband a well know Healer told me and our group the Story of How Humans discovered Plant Medicine.

I have told that story only a couple of times in my life. I will tell you about it personally on another occasion.

What a Spontaneous Open Mysterious Road! I have been the Percussionist/Musician for Native American Elders.
I have Played with New Age pioneers. I have founded several cool Performance projects.I have been in Drum circles on the beach with Dancers around the Sacred Fire becoming one with all. I have been the Music Maker/the Shape Shifter in Ayahuasca Ceremonies. I have accompanied children Singing at the top of their voices by mountain ridges with my guitar. I have accelerated time, etched in space Colors and forms through sound...... Together with my Friends we have Generated Musical Events that push the Edge of Sound and Performance Creation.

We have remolecularized the luminous helix of our embodiment.
So many happy returns.

And of course, I have gently strummed my guitar and picked sweet melodies for a few lovers at a moment's inspiration that in the soft morning light or late at night amidst candles and incense. God, Life, women, are so Beautiful!

It is not otherwise.

To stay with women a while: they can be music incarnate. Rich, sensual, Melodic, Quiet, Moving at Ease through the World, Passionate, Dark, Joyous, Mysterious, Deep, Innocent, and On on On.

THe other day I was inspired with this other Guitar Player for hours. We were transported with our audience through poly sensual registers as The One/The Many..

Sacred Music is the Deep Becoming of UnBoundedness as Us: Spontaneous, Magical, Free, Vibrantly Alive. Silent. Spontaneous Open Mysterious Road.

Who Plays or what Plays through us I do not know but just maybe it is A Suchness Goddess.......or A Being with have yet to Name....and never can.

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