Heart fire Meditation Fragment 25

I am so in love with Life right now.

There is grace. There is clarity. There is possibility. I experience such states through an ongoing sense of frailty and vulnerability.

I had an amazing experience last night.

I went to a transformational workshop called the Heart Fire Meditation.

During one part of the Work our Guide asked the couples involved to feel the "Third" present through our touching.

By this point my partner, A, had her right palm on my heart sending me all the love within her to me and I had my right palm on her heart doing the same.

We were gazing softly into each other's eyes breathing rhythmically together sending waves of Love, Compassion, Strength, Nurturance, Acceptance, and Peace to each other through one another. We were gently rocking back and forth.

The loving reciprocity was palpable and we were both moved. Our eyes sparkled.

Before I go on, let me say that there have been certain women I have made love with where I have been aware of the "Third". Lovers create an energy field when in Embrace. There is a presence.....in some circles it is called An Angel that emerges from the Lovemaking.....Other traditions have different names for the Arrival of the Beloved as a Third during love making.
I have been grateful to experience Beautiful Deep Blissful states with some very special women in my life.

Of course, the Third is the Aura that couples create by How they are present with each other. The third is the Vibrational Dome generated by their love and intentions for each other and what they want to create in the World.

Yes, yes!

The Experience of The Divine through lovemaking can happen when Both lovers are conscious of the possibility and Generate the Space as Sacred Intimacy....Of course a good Animal Grind can be Spectacular too.....

Last night, however, I tasted something I had never experienced before. Something that was delicious, clear, golden, embracing, gentle, serene, sweet, so Deep it was light, certain, and paradoxically the "third" Generated the presence of Oneness.

The Beloved.

The Guide of the Heart fire meditation told us to be in that space for a while and then do whatever we felt was right with each other in the Moment. Spontaneously, She and I kissed gently and giggled.
We then fully embraced and returned to continue gazing in each other's eye softly and lovingly. Our palms back to each other's heart. We both continued giggling sweetly, innocently.

We did our Namaste bow, foreheads touching, and moved to the next partner.

At the end of the evening I went back to her and thanked her for her work. She said she was glad I "got it",then framed my face with both her soft hands, and gently kissed me.

Many weeks back I told one of my best friends that I felt I had lost my innocence and wanted it back.

Today, I was going over my life with him and I said to him that I was learning all over again to be in the world. He said, "Alberto, be clear about what you want. Things come to you very quickly when you request them. You wanted your Innocence back and here you are learning this way of being. Is that not innocence?

I think it was Gibran that said Love is for those who can stand in the Fire. My friend reminded me how well I have done that.

I am so grateful for how love shows up in my life.

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