At the pension Fragment 73

He called us in to the courtyard early at dawn.
He had my kitten.

Some of the tenants at the pension stood around wondering what was going on.
The kitten had been mewoing all night long.

I hid behind a black iron stair well watching him with my little friend. I could make everything out. The sky was over cast. The clothes lines were empty.

He put the kitten down. Pull his revolver out and shot my friend 5 times.
I watched, horror stricken, 7 years old, my friend convulse and contort bleeding till there was no life in him.

During breakfast everyone was talking about what happened just 45 minutes before.
My mother was outraged when she heard about it. "That son of a bitch", she said.

I heard someone say we were having cat for breakfast.

Suddenly, there was a tumult from out of the kitchen. The man that had shot my little friend came running out in a panic. Mrs Rosa, the owner of the Pension, a rotund woman with black hair and dark passionate eyes was coming after him with a kitchen knife.

Someone stuck out his leg as the killer was passing by his table and tripped the man down.
Mrs Rosa quickly got on top of his chest and put the very sharpness of the blade on his heart and said to him: I will not kill you now....but leave this inn.

The man, in tears, pleaded. He left the next day.

I went blind for a week. I could hear my mom sob in the corner of our small room after she would dress me.

Soon after, I went to live with my step parents to be.

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