She Monkey with a blue feather Fragment 3

I am looking for that she Monkey with a Blue Feather.

This one monkey has an emerald gem encrusted between her brows. They say she lives by the stream where time begins.

My friends who know of her, but never have sat with her, or even danced with her, say that she likes French toast, red wine, and humans who speak in Ancient tongues like the purple dialect of the Mayans.

Now the reason that I am looking for her is that she has taken 3 of my cats near dawn. She grabbed them and jumped into a nearby pond where the Koi live and she has never come up from the shimmering waters.

I have jumped into the pond myself and touched bottom. Only pebbles,algae,and dust lie at the bottom. Although the other day I found an amulet. It was a humming bird made out gold with some inscription probably in Sanskrit across its chest.
My friend Sherri can not decipher it yet.

Sometimes, I sit in a Cafe reading Sufi poetry and get a video message from the She monkey on my cell. I know its her because she congratulates me on my recent trips and the luminous skins I have shed. The video is just her hairy monkey palm where all the Holy names of my wounds are written. I watch them dissolve one by one. Then I hear these wild, laughing like howls as the screen fades to Black. I assume she is offering congratulations but monkeys are strange and this one some say is the strangest of the strange.

Besides the monkey has my 3 cats. All females by the way.

I have gone to Buddhist Temples, Ayahuasca ceremonies, Hindu temples, Christian churches, Native American lodges, Personal transformation workshops, talked to ex-girlfriends and new ones too about this. I have studied thoroughly Western Ontology from Heraclitus to Deleuze. I have talked to taxi cab drivers in town just in case she took one lately. They all in one way or another tell me the same thing:

Find the bird with Blue Feathers or lack thereof.....

Friends, let me know if you see that she monkey with a blue feather with an emerald gem encrusted on her forehead. She often comes to you while you Sleep. they say she lives by the stream where time begins.


RUTH said...

I read this in the middle of the night last night when I was unable to sleep and I thought it was really wonderful. I don't mean I thought it was just a fun tale, but I also think it's a good piece...a very good piece. Inspired, even. So there, you hungry he monkey.. I absolutely love it and I mean that more than I ever have. I think it's great. I made the understatement last night to rib you, It's a gem. You, on the other hand, have produced an exquisite pearl of a tale which made my spine tingle. Marvelous, Alberto.
Love you, Monkey,

The Accidental Philosopher said...

So delicious...Like a dream that unfolds and enfolds in ten hundred directions. Like a lotus.
I love it.

Elizabeth said...

i was telling a friend in a similar spiritually challenged state this morning that i had a shaman working on me from long distance....thank you more than you know! and your writing has inspired me to do the same...love, elizabeth