Sol 9

I am here for love, bliss, power and transformation. Let this be for my highest good and the good of others.

May the nectar from the supreme realms shower upon you. Upon me. Upon all that is passing.

May we both be suffused with vibrant, rich, and open energies that maintain us in delight and joy. Our immaculate self generous in shifting manifestations.

May there be grace when we get lost and are in sorrow. May we be fierce in destroying all that obstructs us from seeing and being our original ever blissful nature.

May we celebrate these precious gems in our lives: Clarity, love, wealth, peace, fearlessness, laughter and truth.

May both of us be fully liberated to our fullest potential and self expression. May all that is be so in Divine Awareness.

There is no separation from the ever radiant unbounded and unborn.

I honor all within you. I honor all within me. Creation. Destruction. All the Nectars of the Divine and Beyond.

So be it for the benefit of all.

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