On my bed she unveils.......... Her body is taut and suffused with rubicund rivulets of divine lust unfolding. Her breasts are soft offerings to my moist and savoring tongue. I too am glowing, pulsating, and lifted to a fierce radiant awareness, direct and delighted to be a Man. My cock is a beacon. Her skin is soft ambrosia. My hand eagerly grabs her plump buttocks.

I taste Delicately subtle currents of feminine light between slow swerving thighs as I chase her mysteries stealthily, assuredly, taking my time with this Gift that moans and clutches my hair as she raises one leg over my shoulder. She is fragrant, dewy as I search for her. To take her is to Enter Deeply. I am Determined Incadescence. The Traversal scintillates. There is truth. There are Inside our bodies Luminous inventions flowing wild with love energy.

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