Begin Anywhere

So, yes, I've been checking you out.

When we are together goofin', inventing the gist, reciprocating through difference, Generating our Magical Third by conversation, visuals, tactiles, and divergent head spaces,

I envelop you with my Love Sensors,
I do a sweep of your bodies, physical, energetic, and cosmic curves.
Because we both know how fine you are.

I bet you are doin' the same existential inquiry into my various grooves, potentials
and manifestations.

I like that.

Now, as I realize some information about how you take action and Shine,
in the moment, across different normal and paranormal strata, across temporal subtle temporal flows,

My surface tension increases,baby.
My pulsations multiply,
My clarity smiles,
Vibrant molecular flows slide through my Interdimensional capillaries,
urging me to get a little closer,
to do something about our proximities and distances.

But as I hang out with you some more,
It has become apparent that you might not be so constituted.
What I mean to say to you Precious Wild woman is that I am not pursuaded that your Central Nervous System
is equipped or designed to manage so much Ecstasy and Bliss!!!

Of course, I could be mistaken, and for the Sake of all Sentient Beings
we must disclose the truth of the Love Science.
I suggest we just got to moderate capacity and if we burst into Flames of Supreme Laughter
and Goodness
through our Sensual Conjunctions,
How can that be a bad thing?

alberto roman

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love it!