Fragment 135 Duzu's medicine pouch


This medicine tool is a quick reality check for any situation;
Ask yourself this:

* What is going on?
* What am I adding?
* What am I leaving out?
* What do I really know?

The Birdsong Compass is a form of your own Unreality Check. Often we texture a situation with story lines and assumptions that increase the potential for pain and suffering. Stop this practice.
Remember that part of maintaing yourself clear, spontaneous, fresh, vital is to cease and desist from repetitive thinking or recycling the same thoughts that keep you from wisdom: seeing what is as it is.


You live within the means of your body.
So, inherently you are in absolute perfect delight.
Just Sit.
Just Breathe.
Just Be.

Natural Meditation.
FollOW this to your bliss then
be that daily.

You live within the means of your body. We do not know what your ultimate
capacities are. What are your powers and sensibilities? What kind of Relations can you generate or be generated through you. Be responsible for exploring and optimizing your various potentials.

Being fully expressed can cover anything from what you eat,think, and feel to the folks that you hang out with to the environments you frequent. Some combinations of all of the above will enhance and nourish you others can deplete and even destroy you. Duh!


Go away until your bones are clean.
Return whole.


This place is alive and recombining itself constantly.
You too can emerge with jaguar eyes, an orchid mane, feathered limbs,
luminous sex organs and the roar of the ocean.
True Love is not a crime.

Derrida Joy Ride.

Ask yourself this question: who would you be if you did not
have a particular story or structure about a person, event, object?
Would you be happier, freer if you let go of how you construct
that particular interpretation of what is?
If so then release that version of your self and your life.
See what shows up afterwards.

4 u
I am an open zoo.

Communicate. Communicate. Release and trust the process till you are fearless.
Let go and let the Universe do it through you. have integrity in your actions.
Do what you say you are going to do. If there are flaws or glitches clean up the breakdowns and make new promises. Manifest as the Marvelous expression of the Cosmos that is singularly expressing itself as you.

WHat a breaktrough!

Keep in mind that clear effective communication is a skill. Just because you can play in a thousand samadhis or journey through all kinds of altered awareness does not mean you will know how to be present and authentically responsive to what is happening to you despite your good intentions. Practice communication that has positive impact for yourself and who you are engaged with and completes whatever process you create with an other. Clarity is a good.

How you speak sets up the horizon of conditioned existence. Language is the House of Being. You are to a very subtle degree the horizon of your metaphors and linguistic narratives.

To be free of myth and metaphor that is Liberation.


At some level you are all Alone.
At some level you are One All.
Both are true simultaneously.
Unique and Universal.
A white eagle on the snow gazes at you.


Go out into outer space
and bring back a ring from Saturn.

Put the disc over her head and yours
and let it drop like a cosmic Hoola- hoop.

Hoo- lah~

Then slowly, together, gyrate,
back and forth.

The ring will turn into a thousand
colors as the balance is gained.

Keep smiling.

Now if the groove is good together you
can spin more rings that go round and round spontaneoulsy.
Maybe that is how galaxies are born.

Others from distant space will come and grab these
oscillating marvels
and drop them over their heads


When one perceives one is not adding anything to reality one is actually subtracting from the Everabundant and moving Real a possibility of being at that instance. The Real remains suffused and saturated with potential. Even though infinite number of beings are imbibing from the Real and thus generate a sense of identities the Energy Titan remains Evergenerous with propogating permutations, shifts, and novel constellations. What then is possible?


Cave with a view good.
Cool Loneliness.
No secret swords.
Just empty handed.
Wild flowers in the mountain shine.


This comfirms my radical impermanence.

addendum: I do not know what happens or does not happen after death.
I have complete trust that whatever happens or does not happen is for the best.


" I am reading a book on Zen and Time", I tell my friend Scott.
He replies: "Zen is Emptyness Time is Emptyness".
I say : "Language iself is Emptyness".

peace. alberto

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