Nyr has a ticket 2 Ride

A true friendship. Such a gift.

Yes, sweetie. Congratulations. I know that this next phase of your life will be full of power and love.

Thank you for loving me in the ways you could. I hope that you remember that my love for you is real and I want whatever is for your highest good.,,,,,,,I pray that you do not restrict who you are ever when you and I share space time and energy....

I like you. I like you how you process the world. I like your voice. I love all your looks and dimensions. Your styles...lean...plump...in your right density...... I like you. I like your face. I like your art. I like how you think. I like how you fk,,,,I like your sense of humor......I love your courage and fierce commitment to be fully expressed......I take your darkness and pain....and still burn it in my love so you can be freer........I like you......You inspire me. I want to be awesome for you..... and I am a complete being without you.......

Please stay in touch. To play with you in love as love in however that shows up for us is an exchange I will always welcome.

I suppose that for now all I can say is that getting to know you more and more through out our life span can be a beautiful way of being with we can co create.....There are so many ways you and I can play.......I offer you that opening as you shift geography, body, psychology and spiritual space.......There is no time limit on when you choose or how and if you opt to dance with me as the seasons, years, decades roll by......We really are absolute beginners with each other......We are both now beginners in our lives even more......Is that not marvelous?

The beauty of all of this is that we both keep discovering more and more fulfillment.

As always, I hope that all that is excellent increases in your life. And here is to not letting to much time go by before what is natural between us shines and plays freely again for the benefit of each other and the benefit of all.

Tu amigo

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