New shamans as antidotes to the Priests


Duzu the Hummingbird King of Shamans

Shamanism is the Art of Combinations for Living and Dying Well.

Shamanism is the first of the fulfillment practices and continues to thrive through us here present.

Shamanism is the way of the open ended.

I, Duzu, the Hummingbird King of Shamans with my Exquisite Consort the Orchid princess hold many heart nectars and offer them to you now that you have found us.

How we speak of these matters is full of frolic and mischief. For in learning how to live and die well certain ways of saying suit some and not others.

Let us therefore initiate, reveal and say these matters of joy and sadness in many tongues: Purple, Gold, Silver, Green and other Emergent utterances yet to follow for if anything a Shaman knows is that the ways of Becoming are many and unbounded.

Let us begin with some friends of ours who tell the story of the Mayan trees of life. Notice that already there are many trunks…I assume you know this Creation myth so we will not tell that one now. We know there are many other Origin stories floating around Big banging your imagination.

Yes, a passing glance will give us comfort, then? The trunk solid, substantial, with many branches is a good way to speak of what goes on as you live and die. We are aware of it.
All sorts of analogies and metaphors drawn from our dear friend the Cebi tree have been made and continue so here and across the oceans. Chomsky's trees, Perennial Philosophy trees, Top to bottom hierarchies, Reptilian-Mammalian, Neo-cortical orders, are allocated for you and I and all that is when we think of the tree of life as the Supreme symbol of what is but remember shaman wisdom is not of this kind of permanence and refuge though useful it can be for some at times. Very utilitarian  gear.

And do not forget that too often it is tree thinking, the people of the Logos, the Loggers, that tells others how to be with the impact that all kinds of animals, tribes, forests, get decimated and destroyed because of the lofty hiearchies and illusion of tree heights.

So you see that for us of the Tropical variety as there are many trunks already differences in motion are set and I Duzu know motion, Energy, Delight, Bliss…Distinctions...Swarm Intelligence...instead.

I zig-zag, I fly up, I fly down, I fly forward, I fly backward.

Shamanism is the Art of Combinations for Living and Dying Well.

We are made of relations and combinations of relations at that: Relations of speed, complexity, intensity, and assorted variations of powers in formation.

Oh but with what tongue do I speak now?

I will say this much now as I savor a speck of sweet pollen from my Orchid Goddess.

Drink your dreams from these streams:
Taste this wetness clear and clean.
This water that has no front or back.

 We find that Shamanic arts are of  rhizomatic intelligence:

Connections between the most disparate and similar spread: Strange sensations. Extended as vibrant root systems that evolve the ecology of the cosmos we meet. Inter-relational movements breed novel bodies and sentience according to transitory and as yet undetermined routes. Contact with divergent entities reassemble what we can do as intensities resonate and separate . Energetic velocities alter typologies of what we know and feel. Formations break. In this multiple journey system, a network of associations are evidently expanding; they are vibrating, interacting with no distinctive end or entry point. Yet we remap forces of light, sound, touch, taste, as mindforms become fields of luminous sovereignty. We are living agents of difference coming from distant spaces. Infinitesimally and infinitely. Innumerable levels of affective forces deliver the materiality of your being. We affect and are affected by the network of things that each one of us brings. What is formed is transformed. Radiant novel expressions of being and doing proliferate. What amazing and wondrous combinations arrive and depart in the making of your Name. Cycles break. Discreet mixtures enter. What is identifiable are new configurations of orders and realms. In mutually sustaining ways we connect through flows of delight, passion and creativity. We are the poly-luminous shamanic rhizome appearing as this moment's Spontaneous deliverance. Brilliant. Powerful. Open.

Thank you for that nectar my lovely one and the velocity of my shift. Yumm! Do you see that the tree is a beautiful trickster? The tree will speak of stages, states, lines of development, altitudes in all kind of colors and yet do not be seduced by such totalizing arborescent absolutes. Be nimble with your flights and landings. Beneath the bark the real party is playing!!!!!

Yes, many trunks, a billion times more particles and velocities in combination. So I ask: Neuroplasticity or the shamanic rhizome? Do we say neuroplasticity is the rhizome? ...Who names causality for us?

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