Indigenous Intelligence Paradigms

Indigenous Intelligence Paradigms operate on the skillful management of subtle perception.

Subtle perception is the capacity to process information that transcends ordinary parameters of socialized cognition.

In the context of this conversation that ability to place consciousness at multiple registers of perception is one of the key contributions of Indigenous Intelligence Paradigms.

Because perception and actions occur within a Habitat the resultant reciprocity liberates possibles of Existential attainment and fulfillment....

Contemporary models on Neuro Cognitive architecture can not account for Imagination and the capacity to Generate Abstract thought....

Besides, what better aperture for the Post Modern mind to partake in intiatory rites where novel languagings of experience are extremely fecund.

Shamanism as variable perceptual embodiments registering mutable Habitats.

The Indigenous Intelligence Paradigm is based on a balance between three inseparable dynamics:  Self to Divinity(ies), Self to Self, and Self to Habitat.

We here have the basis of ongoing Awakening and Delight...

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