Sacred Letters

Many amazing, life changing, wondrous experiences define my time in Bali.

The producer director of the documentary likened it to an accelerated Phd program in Sacred Arts with Balinese masters.  Absolutely so.

I want to write about a particular transmission I got from a Master musician in Sacred Performance.

He described the process of generating sacred space between musicians, dancers, the audience and the meaning of the sacred letters to us.

For him the musicians represent a masculine element and the dancers the feminine one.  Shiva shakti.  Now, in that sacred reciprocity of the sacred performance energetically the sacred letters arise. The interplay between between musicians and dancers is a Holy Nuptial producing the quality, intensity, depth of a particular Elevated form of perception/being.  However,  the Sacred Letters hold and seal the emanation of the piece but only temporarily.  To claim that the Sacred Letters are fixed in some sort of permanent Platonic realm distorts the Shiva shakti dance.  The unique features of a particular work can have a certain duration and value for a collective, no doubt.  The principle, nevertheless, is to point out how to find delight in what dissolves absolutely and miraculously arises in a new form absolutely.

The Sacred Letters are a tentative naming and pointing not a fixed never changing hierachical theology.

The same applies to the chakras.  The visual representation of that energy system merely points to "power" centers, tendencies, and so forth.

The magical wheels can be shifted, do shift, and new ones can emerge.  The heart chackra can be on top, at the bottom, and so forth.  The same can be said of all of them.  The traditional representation is an exoteric account for that system.  Size, intensity, location, velocity,  and spin constellate quite differently in real time practice for the living yogi.


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Kim said...

I have never heard the concept of the music being masculine and the dancers being feminine. Very interesting. Thank you for giving me a new way of looking at a dance performance!