Notes from: The edge on ruby nectars.

The art of shamanism and many others transformational practices as well is gifted through the interaction of the following elements:

These four elementals generate  a 5th which is the lived cosmology of an individual or a people.

How these are arranged or constellated set up the horizon of meaning.  Science, mysticism, the arts, and so forth are  but contingent articulations of the transversal tension of these forces.

Vectorial forces here imply multiple causal chains, diverse temporal sequences and tenses, distinct gradients of intensity, and variable space/habitats all occurring simultaneously and at various inter related levels of topology and recursive displacements. The body as an intelligent distributive actant.

So for individuals and cultural creatives,  assorted artistic collectives, myth architects and others who in polemos set up the horizons of our age, how to dynamically constellate the aforementioned elementals is the power of their relevance?

Experimental topological love.

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