Letter to Maurice regarding Crop Circles

Maurice and all who are reading this. My response comes hither:

I tend to leap and twirl like a tropical Baryshnikov over the circle hedges after having caressed the contours and figures within their geometries to an elsewhere of inquiry. For instance: So Christ returns to save us in the form of ET's? The Christian mythos just recloaked in ever green pastures for those who thought they left Western Religion behind. I wonder. Redemption is cool with me. The chosen who know and get it happens all the time. Do you get that?

Or is it bad faith towards humanity to think that our choices can not be altered by ourselves and need the Interdimensional ones to rescue us? Or perhaps even great cheer and optimism that through the looking glass we commune with H2o gone bad ass silica and astral?

Who needs to adhere to this perspective and to what value? In this I am with William James, if positioning yourself with this Alien Other makes you a better Lover than come on over.

To the occupants of interplanetary extraordinary flight I say this: Come down and do some jungle hooch with me, shake some rattles, sing a few songs, dance with the lightning bugs, jump in the river...oh wait...


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