When I Channel Backlum Chaam

Alberto.... love this:" You are not wrong by asserting what you require, need, and want to cultivate in your life to be happy. The yoga of relationships, the mastery of intimacy, necessitates clarity of intent and purpose. The way he shows up does not meet what your heart knows to be true."

You should be like a Dear Abby for a spiritual magazine.... I'm serious..."Dear Backlum Chaam, I met this cool enlightened guy whose heart chakra was damaged by an ex girlfriend and last night I got so frustrated with his lack of openness that I threw all my quartz crystals at him and told him to stick his incense up his..." No, but I'm serious... you need to write for some magazine or something....

This last message of yours below... Jesus, man... makes you the hottest ... seriously.. what the hell....You SLAY me, Alberto. I need a few minutes here... to calm down... gets to me. YOU! You have greatness in you... I just want to throw myself at you right now! (I'm going to do more filing and organizing now...) Will be reading your novella soon: I hope I can take it, dear Lord:

"No, I mean that by clarifying your boundaries you gift him with the opportunity to see women, a woman in her uniqueness and not in the light of his overwhelming non-differentiated discourse of Big Love which obliterates the most precious: intimacy is a radically unique collaboration of two mortals, i.e. embodied subjectivities that weep, wonder, celebrate, and question...."

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Mag said...

LOL I totally believe this.