Existential Information theory

Coursing through our Central Nervous Systems are non human particles, fragmented stars, reptilian imagination, electric hemoglobin, and the language crystals of solar strata

Inside our Central Nervous system packets of folded/space energy scintillate and mutate at the speed of variable light.

Or I can say it like this:

endogenous modulators generate intercalated variance across multiple systems of my body.

I am simultaneously multiple frames of eidetic possibility each with its own sensations and intensities.

I experience this diversity in one coherent present which surveys and lives through diversifying lines of exogenous flight 

Selfhood in multiplied visual, kinetic, auditory, configurations at the velocity of light is imminent, spontaneous and ever emergent

We release the becoming infinite of the finite.  We are the becoming God of the human.

Or we are the becoming human of the Universe.

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