Letter to Woven Tongues regarding Masks

there are many things that I am grateful for in this project. We are able to  play with multiple shamanic streams in a contemporary horizon. What a precious gift . All kinds of subtle perceptions and openings show up through our flower songs and that Spontaneous Magical Hut of the Mystic Cafe. I also love how those refined sensibilities and our responses to them fulfill our lives.

I like that new lineages emerge than can be  just as powerful and authentic than older ones. We put on new Masks that are portals to regions of the boundless. We respond to our historical horizons and  our offerings are suited to what ever forces and powers might be the constellation of particular tribe, community, and historical period.  The staging of an Emergence Theatre is contemporary shamanic art. Ecosophical, even.

Masks have always been powerful gear for the shamanic clans.  Masks  can allow border crossings, transgressions, hybridity, the writings of outrageous formulas for healing, transformation, discovery and invention.  We use masks not as representations of a power but as super natural conductors that generate effects  within the over all Staging of live performance whose outcome  will remain in play even after the Performative gestures of the work is over.

 Masks are not just something one wears.  Masks are the event of the performance itself.  They are the potentiation of the rising of a personal and collective forms embodiment. We bring many lineages together and they generate their own intelligence and vitality piece by piece, ritual by ritual. Woven Tongues stands for novel forms of socialization and individuation. We are modular in depth and in application. We emerge from deep mixtures. Hopefully if we succeed the audience will surface as incandescent animals. Electrik. Awake. In Action. They too are "performers" and synapses liberating the intensive flows that mold the Totem of the event.

This road of Shamanic arts is among the best and most demanding ways one can existentially play during our brief life span.  May all the changes, altitudes and longitudes of your Deep soul, all those inner climates and spaces that rise within your astonished bodies----may you get the chance to express it all, and thus leave your life fully self-expressed with nothing left but the supreme taste of being awake and free daily.

Here is to the Multiple Forces that contour our Emergence Art.

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