Incantation for Mystic Cafe

  Ouhaya Ouhayaya.  May we attain perfect enjoyment through the magical display of spontaneous emanations!
 Welcome to the Mystic Cafe.  Luck is shinin'.  Together We get to instigate Love once again.  We get to be in  right alignment with what is!

  What an exquisite night is ahead.  A night made from Sun Stones, Flower Songs and Rain. Ouhaya.....Let there be beauty and truth this evening.

In the lineage of Xochipilli,  The Prince Flowersof MesoAmerica, Flower Songs are poetry,  music and dance that  are offerings of Gratitude for this sweet one sweet precious life you get to uniquely manifest. Ouhaya Ouhayaya.  May there be heart nectar . May there be Healing, Power, and Delight.  Sun stones are markers of tranmissions.  Rain is the nourishment from unbound subtle energies released through this here and now.  Let it be said here and now that, we, tonight, stopped the apocalypse from coming. Yes, we did it we will stop the meteors from hitting the earth and we foresake the bad prophecies of fools. May our actions be emblems of beauty and wisdom.

We are Woven Tongues.

 May we be sweet vehicles for all this shamanic gear from all over the planet.  Ouaya Ouayaya.  May this Sudden Magical Hut bring good to us to the globe and beyond. And you, friends, thank you, your brought your multiple lineages of  power and love to the Mystic Cafe.

As we engage in our border crossings we will open up Oracle spaces throught out the evening.  You are invited to share your transmissions, flowers songs, and sun Stones. When you are in the Oracle Space: Step into the Light and Beyond. Eat Stars. This universe is definitively unfinished.   Ouhaya. Ouhayaya...We will invoke the oracle space for your offerings with shakers rattles and we will close the oracle space with the same rattles and continue our giftings till the next oracle space.  We usually need only 3 oracle spaces.

Because we are also in an embrace  with you, a call and response of energy exchanges,   please pop your cheecks or whisper to add energy....clapping sometimes dispels very subtle beings....May there be healing....Ouhaya.

I am going back to Bali in a couple of weeks. Every morning in that Bliss Monster Island, Every morning bowls filled with flowers and fruits are on altars, shrines, sidewalks, rice paddies, river streams..and on.   offerings are made to the Deities daily. The deities  extract nectar from the bowls and then return it to us in the form of taksu: many forms of presence, wisdom beauty, wisdom bliss.  This reciprocity between Self to Divinities, Self to Self, Self to Habitat maintains the balance.  May their practices join with ours and all the other practices and architectures from the Nomadic Love Tribes of the planet and beyond.  Again, thank you for bringing your lineages of power and love to the Mystic Cafe.  Gracias. Ouhaya-Ouayaya....Gracias  Suraswati,   Gracias....Madrecita....

 We never know who or what shows up here in the Mystic Cafe.  Ouhaya, Ouhayaya

May all you love thrive.  Vuela, Vuela......Gracias, gracias, gracias.

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