post human procedures

The ayahuasca Ceremony is an Event: instantaneous productions intrinsic to interactions between various kinds of forces.

As I sit with the other shaman we collectively experience an emergent ontology.

All of us there, with our celestial hierarchies, deconstructed selves, feminist theologies, shadow sides, redemptive myths, deity generators, vessels for the plant's medicinal becomings, lovers of the divine, healers healing, all of us, with our unique developmental histories and singular bioenergetic configurations constitute the genesis and productive potential of the Ritual/Real.

This dynamism of the confluence of forces is the actualisation of the event. The combination of all the forces and what other potentialities subsist generate the moment's affective tonalities, expansivities and depths.

The Ceremony experience is qualitative, multi dimensional and inclusive. It is the sonic directions I compose, it is temperature, it is the jungle, a breeze, the way the participants breathe in silence, cry, moan or laugh. We are chants, nocturnal suns and star shakers . We are subjectless emerging as instantiations of unique combinatory cohesions:
We are made up of Relations.

We experiment to reveal what a body, a mind can do in a given encounter, arrangement or combination। We experiment to reveal the effect of different combinations of different bodies and elements and to specially whether these combinations and encounters will increase or decrease the powers of acting of the elements into a greater whole or whether the combinations will destroy or decompose one or more of the elements at play.

The experience is one of Nature as Emergence Art: Immanent in the moment productions of differential individuations of which the Collective or Ceremony is a naming of the Powers of the arrivals, manifestations, constituting quality and duration.

post human procedures are experimental, distributive, and in dynamic relationship to animals, machines, elements.
What is compatible with what or not can only be gathered from experience there is no apriori knowledge within the Emergent horizon. Because outcomes can not be predicted in advance there is risk. One can remolecuralize to points of asociability and miscognition. Transient impairments are possible along with deep obsfucations. On the other hand, the knowledge gained through experimentation with different conjunctions and combinations can lead to the Post human art of maximized encounters performing constructions ofcollectives and sets of practices whether in art, politics, spirituality or personal transformation for Greater Liberation and Joy.

Post human embodiment is participatory initiation in the Production of the Real. It is the taste of Emergence and Unbounded WHoleness.

What else is there but to Delight in the Manifestion of Novel Becomings on our way to the Silence of Stones and the marvel of wildflowers pulsating with fire and bones.

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