post human and shamanic emergence

The posthuman, for critical theorists of the subject, has an emergent ontology rather than a stable one; in other words, the posthuman is not a singular, defined individual, but rather one who can "become" or embody different identities and understand the world from multiple, heterogeneous perspectives.

If we go with this definition then the resonance with a shamanic mind set is understandable.  A key feature of shamanic thinking is its capacity to assume or embody various perspectives and forms of embodiment.

There is much to explore in order to fully bring out differences, resonances, and relevant applications.   

Shamanism and post humanism. What distinctions lie ahead? Can new subjective and collective strategies emerge that are of value to a global historical context where there is simultaneously more control and dis-assembly of old paradigms as well?

Perception is conception and how one conceives one is also perceived.

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Mag said...

Bless you forever for bringing this depth to your work. I'm so used to people who are into Shamanism and Magic being "anti-rational" that I can hardly believe what I'm reading. I'm just so relieved!
[deep bow]