Notes from a shamanic ridge

So it is.

The Fon people of West Africa and the Balinese as well say that we come here as if in a pod

We are born into this world with a singular web of relations that will grow, mature and accompany us till our deaths where they too shall vanish.

I take this to mean that We arrive with specific and unique connections to the Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Space.  We have allies already in the Various Realms:  Divine,  Animal, Insect, Plants, Minerals.  How strange. We are made of stars, songs, and consciousness. Each with its own mysterious intelligence moves, suggests, points, directs, and reveals without demand.  

In  Xochipilli Shamanism we are Conjugations made from  hylozoic energies . the Luminiferous Ethers are the physics of Majick. Ouhuaya, Ouhuaya-ya...

 The visible and along with the unseen, are our Relations, our Affinities astonished, that weave the multiple emergences of your Self and mine as well.  Aho!  Emaho!  How Wondrous!

This is an Ontology of Participation.  

You and I arrived here. How magical. How wondrous.  We are here to love each other.  We are here to allow Deep Mixtures for Nuanced, ever nuanced, and yet to be, uttered forms of Love beating sentience.  We are spontaneously so free to be Einsteins and Poets.

All these realms have been pointed to across cultures and times.  The scholarship to set up distinctions of value to novel forms of subjectivities and collectives are still configuring.

For me, I say this: the High Shamanic realm resonates with these regions:  in Buddhism is it sambhogakaya...in Plato it is the chora (matrix), in Sufism it is the angelic realm..in taoism is the realm where the shiens emerge...In the West some call it the Imaginal ( the source of the archetypes, eidos...) or virtual (in physics ..implicate order)....

and yet...

There are many Ontologies.   There is an Ontology of Predication (Aristotle) which our marvelous sciences and we are heirs to.  Process Ontologies (Whitehead-Taoism).  Is Dzogchen an Ontology of the Event or an Ontology of Indeterminacy?

Are they all equally promising for our age?

Shamanism has its dangers.  One can get lost in a maze of mental fictions and phantasmagoria. The visions and sensations are fascinating. Very Well.  So it is. Nevertheless, do you want to remain bent over the juices of your own cosmic protoplasm without asking for a sip of water?  Water a metaphor for distinctions that are clear and vitalizing and nevertheless fluid.


One can take the capacity to self reflect, double it by analogy, metaphor, will, and amplify it to all Creation as if this sort of self-referentiality is not also a dissolvable elemental bundle.  When we die. We Vanish.

At the Edge of a ridge, inexplicably, I am quiet and grateful.

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Hi Alberto ! Thank you for letting me know about your new blog. I guess we now have a new space to share the lightness of being.... Let's keep in touch... Julio