Order. Whose Order?

 the Atmospherics of the Political.

I keep a certain vigilance towards any essentialisms or Transcendentals.  Too often, as we know, the real world application of such  accounts of what is the meaning of Being devolves into ideology and a totalitarian/fascistic one at that.

I listen to my sisters try on different installations of a World view (the Rise of the Goddess)  based on  implicit Transcendental schemas: Goddess speak,  Gaea, Deep Ecology, and so on.   I am for shifting away from the Logocentric Ontotheological discourse of the West since much suffering and oppression has come from the Political, Economic, and Legislative applications of such a Metaphysical stance.

My female friends are mesmerized and enthralled at the possibility of a New World Order where the Feminine Divine reigns (whatever faces that could entail is another question).  They delight in the possibility of being priestess of a new Paradigm.  I wonder if they are not colluding with some of the same power/dominance dynamics of the old Patriarchal regime? Yet a cosmology based on egalitarianism, collaboration, contextual hierarchies, concern for the environment can be a novel configuration of forces of love and impact.

  I do anticipate that moving away from traditional Archetypal myths ( including a return to the feminine) might liberate us to be with each other not necessarily based on gender location but on what kind of markings, powers, gifts one offers in a particular socio historical context. If we just begin to formulate a notion of identity based on Gardner's multiple intelligence paradigm already we are advancing and complicating the notion of gender indentity beyond any form of biological determinism.

I would like to advance another possibility based on Hybridity and Maturation not on essentialisms. What arrives as human can be explored through an Emergent Immanence based on Heterogenesis and non-repeatable differentiation.

I am interested in the application of process cosmology instead of a substantialist ontology when designing gender identity.

Besides, as some of us already understand the hierarchical organization of society is based on the control of Frenzy.

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