I do not know at this moment.  I engrave rain. I decode psychoactive ineffabilities. I engrave rain.  Much appears as precious stones on fire. 


She arrives from a luminous temple in a thin layer  made of mist and darkness to bring this perfect gift.


 With allies of the Vast and wild I commune. 
copal embers glow. Fanged rainbow river serpent Deities gaze at me. ephemeral species appear and disappear.
  Inside the heart of The Jade One dreaming awake the Light of the cosmos on her fingertips, I sit.

Here, what allows the incursion of several varieties of alterity are 
 mixtures of compounds and utterances,  sparks of divinities 
 made from solar laughter, humming bird wings and  electric water. 

Plants sing.  I sing.  We sing.

There is a flash of thunder inside the transparencies.
There is intense voltage from bones made of rose quartz.
There are altars made of music.

There is nothing at all..


Chanting,   breathing, I see a long way in and come back as fast as my blink.    Absolute now-ness  ignites a primal dance through my astonished body. I stomp my feet with ankle rattles. A caress.
Ouhaya- ouhaya-ya.

 Fire. Water. Air. Earth. Space,  they weave and twist in and out of each other, enlivened, summoning radiant ethers that give the Widowed Night its voice: Such a delicate healing.

What else is there celebrate the earth with offerings made offlowers, palo santo, sage,  
through sacred hieroglyphs spontaneously rising on the Temple of your immaculate mind, and,
 Exit through the Ancestral Night Sun. Exalted.

I am the Secret of your Legs Spread luminous.

primitive lucidities. primitive lucidities.

 So, I, shake beauty out with with an incandescent rattle.  I give over
 to the the scintillating patterned
  flowers that undulate along my face, chest, and pelvis, and up again. 

 I delight in petals whose  fragrance is  the Unknown of the Seen.

Our origins are not too deep to be found.

ouhaya-ouhaya-ya....May all you love thrive. 

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FolloWuWei said...

As each moment passes the journey unfolds. The chemist must know there is more 'I' in our creative manifestations than the physical image projected. We are the journey.