Notes on Ikura

Woven Tongues presents Ikura.
Ikura is a  21st century media ecology piece. 
 Utilizing dance, live acoustic and electronic soundscapes, video montage and experiential performance art, Ikura  explores contemporary practices of identity (trans)formation both personal and collective. Through ritual refinement strategies in art participants  experience novel forms of subjective and communal spaces, shedding light into dark margins , and exposing the uncomfortable, fragile and remarkably beautiful nature of our existence.

From a poetic nuptial between myself and Maya Lemberg we offered this passing narrative used to "promote" this contemporary Shamanic Art piece.  Shamanism here defined as the Art of Living Well.  Positive Hybridity.

However,  the work, the elements to fulfill the vision, the quality and taste of what I had tentatively called Ikura arrived from deep mixtures.  What I experienced in Bali, several Ceremonies, and meditation gave surface to the particular direction.  I am interested in contemporary media ecology as well and ways to radicalize content in order for spaces of clearing and creativity to emerge.

The presentation of the piece at the Goat Farm in Atlanta was a success.  Much of the success is the communal model of practicing art where several other agents contributed to the making of the performance event.

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