Skyloops, earthloops, fireloops, self shamanizing...

We engage in sensory engineering: sound, rythm, vision technics repurposed to intensify sensations and propagate new sensory life forms.

Transit without passage....perpetual liminality....yes, this can prevail and yet

there is a call to adventure, thresholds, death, ordeals, a return to the world, the Unknown Thing,

We are ritual syncretists, enact
spiritual edge work...through  

"research chemicals",    psychoactive commodities...diverse sacra...

 We enjoy the counterfeit infinity of psychedelics as well as the counter infinity of a deepest sobriety...

We are the Mixtics

Alberto Roman


Sarah Georgiana Brown said...

ALBERTO!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!! I WANT TO CATCH UP WITH YOU RARE SOUL!!! (Sarah Brown from Memphis) Call or write: email sarahbny@aol.com
phone: 901-848-3137

Sarah Georgiana Brown said...

ALBERTO!!! Where are you?? Sarah Brown here! I want to catch up with you. Call or write rare soul: 901-848-3137 Sarahbny@aol.com