Ancient the belief in the unexplained powers of nature.
Long before the rise of theologies and hierarchies
an elemental intuition still holds sway.

Across the globe,  Planetary neo primitives salute the Giant Techno Totems.  Release your inner Shaman.

We give way to new rituals for possible advents from the unknown.
Deliberate trancers paint their faces beyond neocolonialist neon. 
Many neurohack their bodies for untold perceptions and alliances through Research chemicals and live electronics.
The night has many eyes and hearts. 
Some freaks were born before us. Many now die as we breathe. The pulse goes on.

Come out. Come out. Come out even more,
You who know the finest of light.
This world is ending and we need your fragrant flower waters,
and songs.
We need mother crystals and the first dances for the sun.
And do not forget a good blunt.

There is a communal chant passing through this earth.
Just maybe those that demand your life for their sake will
disrobe upright  before the moon. Perhaps  only to fuck you over till they are satisfied----Whatever it is.
But who knows? Some could see the numinous veils and surrender to the Bright.

If they do not brothers and sisters,
tell each day of your love.
Tell the plants, animals, and the sea.
Walk through your cities with peace and grace...
And just the right dose of hate.

Share with the Entangled ones a good joke.

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