And the rest of what is,
 may chance,
 to break in,
 upon us,
 at any moment.
How you gonna turn it will get you in about it and upon it.

Spin this habit on your body and your motion
Let me show you how to do this righteous emotion.

I put honey marmalade on three biscuits.
Don' let the luminescent whiskers on my chin tell you not to risk it. Ride this rhyme that is flippin the invisible.
I pull the trigger so can you hear the bullet whistle.

What you say and we will say!  
what she'll say and they will say!
Who here wants to play? 

And the rest of what is,
 may chance, to break in, upon us,
 at any moment.
How you gonna turn it will get you in about it and upon it.

I am inside the eye from the beginning
Just wanted to let you know it ain't the trickster who is spinnin...

Let me tell you something about Ayadeliks
You know the interzones in your skull where you light up your Nellies.


So you think you are part of a revolution
dropped some ayahuasca as part of your solution.
Don't you know that that ride you took 
the dietas and the hook
left you open for the  alien and
the bad infinite playin.

No plan to diss just sayin.'

I too chilled with curanderos and their sprayin.
Got royalties, jungle flutes, songs, and powers to dispensate,
got the chance to consecrate, liberate,  elevate and situate.
But that don't mean that the players you were playin were not playin you
for your greens and euros.

I know cause they told me so.

What gets healed, killed and thrilled?
What gets loose is not the noose.
Who is it that wants to be your redeemer?
Who is it that needs redemption?
Who produces this knowledge to construct your own private college.
Cash only. For your belief. Cash only for your disbelief. Cash only for your medicina.

No psychedelics has got your story.
No curandero has your glory. what shaman is not Peter Lorre?
But i get the show.
The show of lights, delights, and terrors.
I get the spiritual carnival at the edges of your fractal brain spreadin',
Steppin into/out of
the theatre of your imagination. That star train, love lane, no plain-plane. jaguar fame.

Nevertheless. Nevertheless. Hear it now.
Obvious. Vivid. Magical.
Simple. Easy. Logical. 

You are
Never late. You are Always arriving.
Your are born Immaculate.
 Free with super powers. Courageous.

Look around ain't it obvious.
Look around it really is that easy.
Simple sky is blue.
Your life is simply true.
koo koo ka choo.

Now show us what you do like you do.


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