Some of the new gods are ethereal entities rising from specific historical terrains: Capital. Technology. Military. These forces, in a Titanic Copulatory Menage, birth: Amazon, Google, Facebook: The Internet Triumvirate. The Cyber Trinity. Our identities are both seized and ordered through the angel gadgets: video games, cell phones, and drones in a sweeping electronic storm whose particles we are streaming and assimilating in our respective Central Nervous Systems and Habitats. The Grid has all seeing emissaries . The Luminous is not a counterfeit Numinous. The shine from Tablets and I phones is The Deities' splendor. Worship my friends. Worship. (From a dream where an eight winged silvered dragon fly tapped this message to my forehead with its dancing appendages). 

I woke up. Amused. Delighted. I drank from the gold cup once more. This water had no front or back.

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