The Time Crystal

The Time Crystal is shamanic gear.  A construct.  Concept.


The power lies in the ability to seize different histories, epochs, and ages within a unifying psycho active object.

Of course, we can go from cosmos to radical individual through its optics.  We can apply its reflective properties at various scales of intensity, depth, size, and motion. Simultaneous instantiations of past, present, future are featured.

This multifaceted Crystal with various vectors stemming out shining at different lengths, widths, and layers organizes to contextualize the unfoldment  of a people, species, culture, star system, or a person.

The branches can signify different orders of temporal trajectory and reflection.  Biological, sociological, political, psychological, molecular, Galactic.

This Crystal is oracular. A source of agency.  A shamanic maneuver to shift in a variety of directions what is requiring modification.

You too as well as myself can be seen through the Time Crystal.

The Time Crystal itself emerges, shines, and vanishes.

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