Tools. Gear. Medicine Bag. Ayahuasca.

Because of the singular process that an Ayahuasca Ceremony provides, for you, specifically, my stance is one of an unyielding trust in your deep intelligence to bring you to your Deep Bright over time:
 Trust, in this authentic, direct, open source, the ground of all lineages, the many transmissions as we know them, and of more to come, to align what is best for you as you commune with ancient and novel allies.

A few words are in order, nevertheless.  Drinking Ayahuasca is a very special undertaking.

You are allowing yourself to go for a major ontological/life changing experience when you embark upon this particular shamanic practice.  Treat yourself with love and respect.  Eat sanely. Clean Foods. Move your body. Hydrate. Prepare yourself at least a couple of weeks before drinking with us.

Be at ease as you approach the ceremony as best you can.  Meditate. Stay buoyant.  Listen to what shows up in your awareness. All the content previous to and after a Ceremony is valuable information. Nectar. Runa. Possible norther stars.

 You can set intentions and attempt to guide your process, of course:
  What are you seeking through this ceremony?
 Healing? (around what/time/relationship/with whom).
 Clarity? (are you asking the right questions?).
Power? (what kind of power and in what context. Power to give? Power to receive?)
Love? (how do you want to love, what kind, whom, where, when, in order to...)
Creativity? (what do you need to express and through what mediums: language, dance, painting, music, thinking, silence...)
And of course, your intent can be to be available to whatever surfaces from the depths of your being. This latter approach is highly revered.

What i mentioned previously can help you optimize benefits from the Ceremony but no more than to suggest that you let go of any preconceptions you might have about the Aya experience.  Beginners mind.
The content of your journey will vary.  Some insights will be very direct and the results of your healing or intention can be immediate.  Other times, there can be discomfort.  Physical. Psychological. Soul aches. Grief. Terror even.  Excellent.  One of the powers of Ayahuasca and the Ceremonial setting is the release, the purge, the letting go and reintegration of places where you are hurt. Soul loss and Soul retrieval.  This is very good. You can and do decide what is your best life.

You can spend time in realms that are multidimensional, celestial, deep and true.  Images that come to you might need interpretation and reweaving into the fabric of your path as you return to your world after the journey.  Be judicious in who you trust with your precious mindstream for sharing or assistance.  Be fluid, playful, respectful and open to what is released in the Jaguar Heavens.

Sometimes, the experience is a "felt" one.  Somatic.  No visuals per say.  Yet you are altered and reconfigured  in ways not quite accessible to you at the time.  Be patient and listen to the subtle within.

All of the above can happen in the course of the 4-5 hrs we will be in Sacred Space-time.  Intensity, Depth, Variation will vary from person to person and within the Atmospherics of what shows up in our Sacred Hoop.

Or nothing might happen to you at all.

I suggest that through out the Ceremony you return  to your breath as a means to anchor your flight.  No matter what the content, whether  joyous or despairing, be mindful of your breathing.  Remember the following: No matter what happens through out your excursion you will return to a new normal after the ceremony. You will come back.

Also, the follow up after your journey is a key ingredient in your transformational success.  Practices that can maintain and advance your evolution abound and within each there are schools with respective methodologies.  Yoga? Shamanism? Therapy? Dance? A religion? Zen? Neuropsychiatry? Your own mixology of the Sacred Ancient and Novel Arts?

I can not answer this for you at this time yet remain available for further dialogues and suggestions if you want.

I have been practicing Shamanic Arts (and there are many) most of my life across many settings with amazing, fulfilling, and life affirming returns over and over again.  I have studied and learned from many traditions.  Men and Women of honor, grace, magic, and love have given me ways into my own truths and power.  Much gratitude to them all.  Always.

I hope this very brief map is of benefit to you.  You are among kindred spirits.  We have been around for ages.  Welcome.

May all you love thrive and may the upcoming Ceremony bring you wisdom bliss and wisdom beauty.

Pura Vida.


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