The mindstream now must be luminously fluid, adaptable, steady, capable of morphing, assimilating, reconfiguring, and releasing. We are in a new animism where our digital devices have agency just as plants, stones, and animals have personhood for other people on the planet. Our relational condition is way more complicated in an age whose ordinates we are stammering and stuttering to encode and decode. We dwell on a new cultural edge where the power to affect and be affected is hyper realized. The talisman, the sacred fetish at the altar is discernment. How to keenly cultivate this power that differentiates and orders to optimize our sentience, cognition, and efficacy. The entire Cosmos is alive with information. Personally, the ongoing challenge and practice is how to liberate joyous affects and put them in circulation. To get to joy requires a very individualized process of coming to terms with the terrible savage beauty that surrounds us and we are part of. We are nature. Nature is multiple with its overabundance of horrific and majestic offspring that affects us and we affect. A life long art of open incantations, hard science, surrendering to love and grief, the numinous and art is a fruitful live experiment for me. I would call it ZenDada with an accent on the discipline of Dada and the humor of Zen.

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