Mercado Sagrado

(for Shana Robbins)

In Bali, The Majestic Volcano Agun, hosts at its summit, what the Balinese call the Sacred Market.  Each day at Dawn the various deities, gods and goddesses convene to agree on how and when they are going to play, mix with, influence, and alter the fate of the humans down below. Their transactions rule the day. 
As the sun rises they go forth to the island.  Proper offerings to the Transcendent are a must.

In Aztec lore there is the Tonalmatl,  a cosmic individualized design  that is a practical psycho spiritual/cognitive map to guide, edify, cultivate, proper behavior in response to one's living.

At  a Mercado Sagrado,  the art of managing the various forces both from Unseen worlds (i.e, the Archetypal Non visible, The Nagual,...) and evident worlds (beauty, wealth, wisdom, power)  guide the exchanges of art, music, and craft, to bring about the most auspicious and advantageous alignments within the divine framework of a person's life.  Right reciprocity is welcomed.

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