Xochigallo felt generous towards Rafasputin, at least that day. Amidst the clink and chatter surrounding their table at “Sun in Your Belly” café, a transmission occurred from Xochigallo to Rafasputin.  Acidhead Cannedy was there joining them at the table.  He was a witness to how it all got put in motion.

Rafasputin wanted many things, shamanic power, recognition, more money, more hair.  He wanted artistic notoriety.  He was seeking feedback as to how his spiritual work and practice was evolving.  Rafasputin respected Xochigallo and the Ritual Art Experiments conducted by him.  Performance events involving magic, theatre, dance, strange attractors and even ayahuasca Ceremonies were ancient medicine to the likes of Xochigallo, now an old mystic and provocateur.

Xochigallo was the one that suggested that Rafasputin stage a ritual performance to be streamed live with a small size audience from the Atlanta community of artists (sculptors, videographers, painters, rap wizards, a dancer, one musician), 5 women with shaved heads, 2 macaws, a mound of earth, a sheet of paper, candles.

Rafasputin was to perform a ritual to atone men for all their transgressions against women, nature, animals, each other, the mis use of technology, the general narcissism of men thinking they were the crown of creation (perhaps true) by enacting a Ceremonial bloodletting, like the Mayan priests used to do, as a way to appease their capricious deities.

And so, Rafasputin enervated by this cleansing spell of which he was the embodiment, the magical amulet itself, followed Xochigallo’s suggestion and pierced the base of his penis on stage at THAT ART GALLERY with a prismatic obsidian blade Xochigallo lent him and thus purified himself and malekind with crimson drops of blood.

The performance went viral on several media platforms.
We are now seeing the effects.

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