Entries from the Lord of Flowers Journal.

Transcultural entheo shamanic consciousness
is a very specific "event consciousness."
We call it
Hummingbird heavens.

Our original instructions unfold.

Flower songs. Ritual.
Sacred Medicine is carried.
 We are set of relations from the molecular to the Cosmic.
 It is a choice of relating experientially to the world:
 An open present awareness. An inner disposition.
We are made of "god stuff":  Spontaneous emergence of self ordering systems as a property of matter. Luminous. Dynamic. Animism.
Fire flower: A source transmission from one sequential moment that is timeless and spaceless. Open intelligence. Lineage.
 Jaguar love.
There is this boundless inner freedom where the quality of attention outshines its contents yet "feels" them.
This state already has a set of capacities that come on line: : tranquility. wonder. joy. awe. inspiration. majesty. stillness...Beauty, in other words.
There is "Confianza": a fundamental trust to find our own way. a remarkable wisdom knowing: Intuition. As if a dynamic energy from elsewhere is guiding us.

 Star serpents. Red frogs.

There is overflowing joy.
We are peaceful. Sovereign.
Incredibly present. Fully here. Not distracted. Beginner's mind. Non resistant. Wide open. Deeply at ease. An unimaginable sensitivity to the evolutionary needs of the moment or context abides.

The world is ever fresh. A timeless spring. 
Evolvability. Adaptability.
We are serene.  Exalted.

 At home. In love with the Universe.

The Cosmophysics of shamanism: 
Reality is in a process and dependent on who is looking at the spatio temporal context.
 A glorious shape shifting Super Being abides. 
Hybrid Novelty is inherent. The multiple in the moment is ever present. The plane of potentiality insists. Subjective openness to possibility and realization is cultural agency. 
Shamanism is subversive since it lives permanently between categories. Sensitivity to transformative ethics is ongoing new medicinal syntax. The participatory logic of rhizomes is magic. There is danger at the edge.

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